Upcoming Big Fish Game Club changes

Big Fish Community, We’d like to share more fun details regarding the upcoming platform update! Planned changes are scheduled to take effect July 18, and any active Game Club credits you have will be converted to Big Fish Points. To review your Game Club status, log into your account page. Read our help article to learn more about this as well as other exciting changes coming to Game Club. Please also review our updated Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

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Gift Certificates and Game Club Credits

Gift certificates and Game Club credits are no longer available for purchase as we prepare for upcoming platform changes. For more information on these changes, check out the article here.

Game Club credits will continue to credit for all active memberships on your renewal date. You will be able to redeem Game Club credits as usual until our platform update. For more information on how to redeem Game Club credits, check out the article here.

We will share more details around the timing of these changes soon.

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